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Ramdev to compete with Amazon-Flipkart? Bringing OrderMe to Local

PM Narendra Modi has appealed to the citizens to use local products to create a self-reliant India. Meanwhile, Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali is going to launch a new e-commerce platform OrderMe for indigenous products. Apart from Patanjali, Made in India and indigenous goods of other companies will be sold in this online marketplace. According to an Economics Times report, along with the sale of Ayurvedic products of Patanjali through OrderMe, neighborhood shops will also be added, which will sell Indian products. The company will make free home delivery of orders arriving on Orderme within a few hours. A mobile app has also been prepared for this.

Apart from this, 1500 doctors of Patanjali will give free medical counseling and yoga tips to people for 24 hours. It is being told that this platform can be launched in the next 15 days. Acharya Balkrishna, managing director and CEO of Patanjali Aryurveda, has confirmed the plan saying that this platform is being prepared for supply of indigenous goods in view of PM Modi’s ‘Vocal for Local’ appeal.

Archay Balakrishna said, ‘Only indigenous goods will be sold on OrderMe. Small shopkeepers and local vendors selling indigenous products will also be added, so that they too can benefit from this platform. Their goods will be delivered for free. He has also said that Micro, Small and Media Enterprises will also be linked to this and their products will also be sold through this platform. Significantly, on Tuesday, PM Narendra Modi has presented the blueprint of the goal of ‘Self-reliant India’ in front of the country. Announcing this, he appealed to the people to use products made in the country.

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