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World’s biggest collision on its last verge, will all US-China relations break?

Will Corona change the world? President Donald Trump has warned that the US can end all relations with China. Reversing on behalf of China, it has been said that Trump is saying these things to divert people’s attention. The whole world is eyeing on how the relationship between these two countries will turn. Because in response to a question, US President Donald Trump has said astonishing to the world.

Trump’s point is towards the deficit in Sino-US trade. Actually, there was already a tension between the two sides about trade, but in the Corona era, this tension has increased so much that Trump is talking about removing the supply chain from China.

Donald Trump says that there is nothing good in this epidemic, especially death. But this proved that I was right. Many people used to quarrel with calling me wrong, now they are not quarreling. These purposeless supply chains are all over the world. We have created supply chains in different parts of the world so that we do not have problems during difficult times. I say we do not need these supply chains. It should all be in America.

Trump’s statement is indicating that Trump is thinking of discontinuing supply from China. Earlier, the US had increased the import duty on Chinese goods, trumps are threatening again. Trump alleged that the corona spread from the land of China and the Chinese government has some role in it. At the same time, China says that China shared information at the right time.

Trump is holding China responsible for the deaths in the US, while China says the US is doing this to divert attention. It is believed that Trump is attacking China with two birds with one stone. The first is that his chances in the election this year will be better. Trump is pressing China to increase imports from the US by making a second attack.

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